AK: Hopscotch/Olive: Where the Wild Things Sit Thrones


For the past 4 or so months, I’ve had to keep a secret that was eating at me! But today me and my lovely friend Chandni are happy to announce our collaboration on this month’s April chair for the Atelier Kreslo Cafe!

Choose from any of these 13 chairs to decorate your home, garden, special throne room, while being a crazy and cook character!

Wanna take a second to say ty to Flo for giving me and Cha this opportunity, it means so much, and I wanna thank Chandni for being so patience with me and knocking some amazing poses 😀

Go get them while you can!

Taxi: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Imogen/100/64/30 

– Rose ❤


.Olive. @ Bees Through the Seasons April 2013

The lovely Crystalny, owner of Beehive, and creator of Bees through the Seasons, is once again opening the doors to her hive and letting in a great round of designers in to create this time’s theme: spring inspired items!  I’ve jumped in and created props, decor, and accessories for you all spring time lovers. Get your shoves and overalls out, it’s time for some flower growing!

Creating both a decor and photo prop item is still in my blood from pose fair, so I set forth on creating this cute little wheelbarrow prop!

Single Wheelbarrow – 349L
Fauxy Pack – 2000K

– 100 % Mesh

– Mod(only when rezzed), Copy, no Trans

– Sits up to 4 people at any give time

This comes in 8 spring time colors!

wood pallet

Sticking to my normal accessories, I made some water can earrings. Never can go wrong wit ha water can eh?

Earrings – 150L

– 100% Mesh

– Mod, Copy, no Trans

–  Comes in two colors – Gold and Rusted Can.
Clicking on the can will bring up the texture menu

Last, but no way in the least, is a watering can prop!  What ever gardener needs to brings in a new spring.

Single Poses – 30L
Full Set w/props – 150L

– 100 % Mesh

– 4 animations (Left and Right)

– Included 2 cans, one for each hand

– Mod, Copy, no Trans

Bees Through the Season starts this Saturday, the 13th! Are you ready to get buzzing with us?

Check out the BTTS flickr page for from the great batch of designers in this round 😀

– Rose ❤

Olive the Folded Golden Paper Necklace Gacha SQAURE Vendor


This time I made something I’ve been dying for in sl for a while, A good set of alphabet letter necklaces-with a twist!

These necklaces are unisex, so both females and males can wear them. They are also trans so you can give one away to your best friend, your mom, dad, sister, brother, or maybe a special lover? Why not wear you’re beloved ones letter on your chest? The possibilities are endless~

Each necklace comes with one chain length, but among the 26 letters, I’ve created 3 chain lengths that alternate between them. So, if you wear, A, B, and C, as you can see, they overlap and stack together. You can create anything you want.

These are no copy/no mod/trans and include a resizer script for easy and fast adjustment. Along with just a-z there is a rare

But the yes part yet? This time I’ve thrown in 3 mystery items. All letter related, but not what you might expect.

Do you wanna change your luck on my gacha?

Url posted later ❤

– Rose ❤

.Olive. the Candy Gummy Best Cactus Friend Pet @ Adore & Abhor’s 5th Anniversary!

Was asked by sweet little missy and owner of Adore & Abhor, Airedine, to join in along side an amazing round og designers to celebrate the 5TH YEAR anniversary of Adore & Abhor!

So being weird…I made cactus.. BECASE WHY WOULDN’T I? clearly I need to sleep but, they come in three colors, 4 option, with 3 holds and one for rezzing, and resizing script

Did I mention that since there is a rezable version..you can make your own cactus garden >:3

Wanna say a great big Congratulations to Airedine for making it so far and showing it is possible no matter what 😀

SURL Posted Manana~

– Rose ❤

(P.S. yes…for those of you who will say it, it looks like a dildo C: i didn’t see that til after I posted it.. wups..WELL ENJOY)